(Lyrics: Andy Gupta/Robert DePriest, Music: Andy Gupta/Jay Schankman (c) 2010)

Robert Depriest: co-write on lyrics
Jay Schankman: music, organ, piano, synthesizer, mixing/production
Steve McAndrew: lead and backing vocals
George Williams: guitars including solos
John Wooten: drums
Andy Gupta: lyrics, music, bass

Verse 1
like newly opened eyes that see a first sunrise
i see the world that surrounds me
as I look around i find that time is slowing down
and now i am ready for CHANGES

Verse 2
i used to think that speed could give me what I need
find myself in tomorrow
why did it take so long to see that i was wrong
i can feel CHANGES in me

Chorus 1
CHANGES in my life
that help me realize
if I opened my mind i am no longer blind
my eyes see things anew

when you live each day the same yet hope the world will change
you're on the road to madness
you can leave behind regret with that one little step
turn and face those CHANGES

Chorus 2
CHANGES in my life
and now i realise
if i opened myself i am no longer choked
my heart feels things anew

have set me free
CHANGES..... a different me

all it takes is a july morning..

Comment:- A soaring song by Andy
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