(c) Andy Gupta 2010

Casia : co-write on lyrics
Billy Playle: guitar, organ, synth, piano and guitar solos
Steve McAndrew : lead and backing vocals
Eric Koskas : drums
Andy Gupta : lyrics, music, bass, leslied guitar
Jeff Muller: mix/mastering

Verse 1
so we have come again
to the blue planet near the sun
we've travelled miles many miles from home
we'd promised to return.
but what we see on here
though progress has been made
time after time the same mistakes
shows there's a lot to be done....

Chorus 1
can you tell me what you've done
the gifts left behind were to build a better world
what have you learned in all these years
the history book on the shelf keeps on repeating itself

Verse 2
why can't you realize
that life is an unique thing?
all around we can see
the desolation that lifelessness can bring
but what we see on here
is the urge to self destruct
pain hunger greed suffering
and we had thought you were the chosen ones

Chorus 2
know it's not too late
to save the weeping planet in your hands lies your fate
to live in peace and in harmony
an ideal state for man we've done it so you can

so is this what it means to be human
where nothing can be drawn in black and white
the complex ways of a human mind
greys the areas
there's no black and white
no total wrong and right

Chorus 3
help us show you the way
the guardians from the Milky Way can set you free
paradise - for all mankind
will fill our inner beings and overflow our minds

now it's time to bid farewell
return to our alien world
we decide not to intervene
a young child learns to crawl before he starts to walk

Comment:- You can follow the finished collaboration thread here.

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