(c) Andy Gupta/Steve McAndrew/Frank Zax)

Frank Zax: Arrangement, guitars, orchestration, added drums, mix/master
Steve McAndrew: Lyrics, Lead and backing vocals.
Andy Gupta: Original music, lyric, piano, bass, programmed drums

go, go

Verse 1
our one last loveless dance on the floor
as we can't hold on anymore
our many shared lonely hours
to now just be cast upon the shore

you can't wait another moment
you have to hurry on
so go

Guitar Solo

Middle 8

ooh I'm free
oh yes I'm so free
to lose it all
ooh to be
what is to be
someone said it all
someone said it all
someone said it all
yes said it all

Verse 2
so someone pack away our dance floor
as we won't be returning anymore
reality screams the echo of our finest hour
as we now oh so clearly know the score

you can't wait another minute
you have to move along
so go

don't let me try to stop you
ooh now, you GO NOW

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