Verse 1
though miles and fathoms lie between us
pain so great when we're apart
you know deep secrets of my being
and i, the inner secrets of your heart

Verse 2
soon to cross the ocean
now not long 'til I depart,
one thing that can't be touched by distance
your eternal presence in my heart

Chorus 1
(but i know)
ALL THAT WE NEED, is the joy of sharing the dawn of a brand new day
while all we need feel is love (love)

Verse 3
and when we look around us
at the multi-facets shining bright
my mind's eye throws me your reflection
that turns my darkness into light

Chorus 2
(but you know)
ALL THAT WE NEED is the strength that love gives, love will see us through
while all we need feel is love (love)

Verse 4
all is abandon on the forefront of our sea

Middle 8
from those distant chains that bound us
senses reeling, true love empowered us

Chorus 3
('cause we know)
ALL THAT WE NEEDed was our love to stir us, lift us up and make our hearts dance jofully

Verse 5
through miles that lay between us
and the pain of being apart
there was not one thing on this earth that could reach between our hearts


Comments: You can see the collaboration thread here.

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