(Music by Nick Testa and Mark Ditzig / Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
something inside me is tearing at my brain
i don't have answers though you ask me again
if you could see what I see
youd see inside this shell a hollow man
without a plan

Pre Chorus 1
i've tried so hard
but it's like holding sand
we've gone too far now it's now out of hand

Chorus 1
'cause it's a TRAIN WRECK
look inside your head
approaching TRAIN WRECK
ignoring signals at red

Verse 2
careering onwards numb from all the pain
asking the question why did I board this train
i need you to see that I must change tracks from where we ran
and be a man

Pre Chorus 2
points set against me ever reaching my goal
this train is uncoupling how can I keep it whole

Chorus 2
'cause it's a TRAIN WRECK
the momentum still grows
impending TRAIN WRECK
with no time to slow

oh slow down
oh slow down
on the other side of town...too late...much too late


Pre Chorus 3
as the rails spark below me, my destiny's near
there's no room left for fear

Chorus 3
cacophany of sound
a screeching TRAIN WRECK
wheels no more turning round
we're in the TRAIN WRECK
why to end this way
carnage of the TRAIN WRECK
there's no more left to say

slow down



Comment:- This is a lyric that I think is pretty self-explanatory.....sometimes relationships can feel like train wrecks. I completed the lyric from Mark's existing ideas hereand you can see the collaboration thread here.

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