it's you baby
yeah it's you baby

Verse 1
i'm going round in circles, you want me on the straight and narrow
conflict of interest you could say, although it surely won't slow
us down in everything we're gonna do today
forget the time for work, embrace the time for play

Pre Chorus 1
i'm your man on a mission
you give me permission
to check out your lock, see if I hold the key
you make it clear, the body language you display
forget tomorrow, there's so much to do today

Chorus 1
you take me higher, like there's no tomorrow coming my way
you leave me breathless, so there's no way I'll be screaming mayday
you push the switches, pull the levers in my mind
and it's WAY COOL, so cool, so cool

Re Intro
it's you baby
you know it's you baby

Verse 2
you provide me with all that's good, that's one thing crystal clear
you make it hard to think straight every time that you are near
out of murky darkness, you helped me focus on the light
of the burning bridges embers glowing deep into the night

Pre Chorus 2
one thing on my mind
same as yours I think you'll find
i'm your marionette, you pull my strings
who cares if it's dusk or dawn
we can't deny this feeling driving us on

Chorus 2
you cloud my mind as if there's no tomorrow coming my way
you leave me speechless, so there's no way I'll be shouting mayday
you whisper things that scream out deeply in my mind
that are WAY COOL, so cool, so cool

Pre Chorus 3
it's hard to focus on anything else
with you dancing in front of me increasing my pulse
the more you keep pushing me
the faster I go
speed keeps increasing faster and faster and faster and when do I slow?

Chorus 3
you give of signals I can't fail to understand
you got the moves that make me putty in your hand
the way things turned out, they're not quite the way I planned
but they're WAY COOL, so cool, so cool

Chorus 4
the signs you send me, mean I cannot turn away
Logic goes a begging when your body starts to sway
You treat me like a kid but just don't take me for a fool
that would be no cool, no cool, no cool.

Chorus 5
you stoke my fire, leave no tomorrow coming my way
you leave me aching, there's no way of me screaming mayday
you pulled the levers, pushed the switches in my mind
and it's WAY COOL, so cool, so cool, WAY COOL

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