(Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Chorus 1
dropping way down, down
falling down, down, down

Verse 1
run the pre-flight, all is clear
throttle, rotate, we take to the air
we live in hope that no birds are near
spoke to soon, Warning, warning, way to low
nowhere left to go but

Pre Chorus 2
down, down, down to the icy water,
the seconds take an age to go
down, down, down, brace yourself, clutch your daughter
totion so slow, oh so slow

Chorus 2
down, down, down
dropping way down, down
falling way down, down

Verse 2
this is real, we are in the nightmare
lack of height is our true enemy here
dodge the bridge, miss the boat, don’t pass go or collect your coat
29 years experience fight the gravity here

Bridge 1
touch down goes without a hitch
destiny stands smiling without a stitch
things could have been different, could have been oh such a bitch
forced to the drink, we were forced into the ditch

Bridge 2
this flight has become a cruise
but first you must remove your shoes
the ferry will take you to the terminal block
beware the spoiler, keep your eye on the ticking clock

Verse 3
calmness, calmness, replace blind panic
single file and one way traffic
into the daylight and the help that waits
so easily may have been the pearly gates

they can wait

Chorus 3
down, down, down
falling way down, down
down, down, down

hero through zero
our hero through zero

Comment:- This was my lyric to Bill Gifford's musical composition that I based around the succesful ditching of a Boeing 737 into the Hudson River by it's captain (former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot) Chesley B. Sullenberger III, 57, of California. He was hailed a hero after he managed to steer away from heavily-populated Manhattan before smoothly gliding the powerless jet down intact.
Astonishingly, he managed to miss the George Washington Bridge by just 900 feet during his descent!
You can follow the original collaboration threadhere.

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