(Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
treachery has fallen to the pavement down below
and since been caressed by the hand of Icy Jack
from white with some forgiveness with at least a half a chance
now the trap dressed head to toe in black
the town gets out it's bed from it's cocoon so warm and calm
to find the new surprises held today
first they must run the gauntlet, more likely on their knees
against the frozen wall that's standing in their way

Chorus 1
icy fingers take a much tighter stranglehold
on the corner strangers sing about a manger
as the carbon rises beating off the cold

Verse 2
the weather front approaches and provides a second helping
to the system that is struggling hard to cope
lone driver loses line, first right then left
now in the ditch and solo, sprout the early thoughts of hope
did he leave anyone the facts of his location
can this prison cell still be seen from the road
his problem not unique as it straddles all the nation
was it really oh so urgent that he move his load

Chorus 2
can the rays of warmth start the big reversal
to the dangers that have fallen all around
this is way beyond the early dress rehearsal
as the heat now starts to warm the icy ground

Verse 3
black turned back to white with the passing of the night
the menace cast aside, now back in sight
pick-up truck then tractor have arrived at stricken Al
his smiles replaced by raptures of delight
Although this was the first time as the victim of her terror
sure won't be the last as sure as day is clad in light
ice windows in the weather always bring surprises
with the bearing of the teeth before they bite

Chorus 3
wild dogs howling at the moon
having met once, no more a stranger
though maybe, just maybe, have we spoke too soon?

the white turns black
now turning back
black to white
l the rain wash
let the rain wash
wash it all away

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