(Words and Music by Marc Traynor)

Verse 1
deep inside the enemy line, vietnam in 1969
the platoon hacking through the vines
ambush sprung, nowhere to run
most were killed, some captured, all but one the AKWESASNE SON

Verse 2
charlie did not know it but this one had Mowhawk blood
for days they tried to catch the red-skinned one
their prey became their hunter
viet-kong died on that trail
and so the tale of the red skinned one prevails
the AKWESASNE SON, the mohawks tale

Verse 3
made it back to u.s. lands
no room for vets from vietnam with pained and bloodied hands
did not take him long to know
the ones with beads and flowers now ran the show
while the poor fought the rich mans' war

Verse 4
so he bought a beat-up panhead and he headed on down the road
to see the land he'd known before they sold
to the ones who built the chinese guns for the viet-kong to hold
the lone wolf rides alone towards his home
like lonesome thunder, rolling down the road

Middle 8

Verse 5
spent some time along the road, working outside a town near mexico
a ranchers widow he had known
then one day banditos rode in
they tied-up his dear widow and her son
soon their horrors had begun
their leader did not know it, but the hand had mohawk blood
they thought they'd beat and killed the red-skinned one
but a six inch blade found the leaders heart as the others tried to run
six banditos soon lay dead on that floor
as he said goodbye and headed on out that door

Guitar Solo

Verse 6
he travelled north to the place he knows where his kind is free to roam
to the akwesasne, this mohawk warriors' home
this lone wolf doesn't join the pack but fights his battles all alone
like lonesome thunder rolling down the road
to the akwesasne, this mohawk warriors' home

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