(Words and Music by Marc Traynor)

Verse 1
it's been an all night flight, I'm rushing back to my home town
sister made the call, Mama won't last long
better hurry-up and come around
staring out the window at the starry sky,collecting my thoughts as the hours go by
thinking back to the times in those growing years
in that old neighbourhood of mine,
and all those childhood dreams

Guitar Solo 1

Verse 2
mama worked real hard, to feed and raise-up the clan,
after papa never returned from fighting the war in vietnam
working 2 or 3 jobs in the night and day, their only family was an ocean away,
but she always found the time to clean a skinned knee and wipe the tears away

Bridge 1
growing-up on theeast side was sometimes hard
never really had too much we could call our own
but mama always taught us kids to know
to cherish those things that mattered the most
along with lots of love, another thing that we had plenty
man we had alot of dreams

Verse 3
i'll soon be on my way, we burried mama today
she gave the grandkids a smile as the angels prepared her a better place
her and papa left their home back in belfast town
to follow their dreams and build a future around this family
and all I see when I look around is her and papa's face

Verse 4
little brother had a plan, now he's flying freighters for uncle sam
sisters living on a farm with a brood of kids and a loving man
you could tell the satisfaction by the look in her eyes
her and papa's dreams had materialized
mama died with a smile and her heart was filled with a mothers' pride

Bridge 2
mamas' life wasn't easy...she worked real hard
raising-up this family...had to fight alone
but in the end mama took a last look around
with her grankids playing-jumping up and down
and at that moment there's one thing that i'm so certain
mama realized her dream.

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