(Words and Music by Marc Traynor)

Verse 1
patty grew up on down the farm near perth, ontario
in the family's old log farmhouse down the end of the gravel road
a simple farming family, though they had much love to spare
grandma's eyes rarely wandered far from the boy with the flame-red hair
he listened to her stories of the grandpa he never knew
who died in the battle for dieppe beach in 1942
in wisdom gained through many years, and in a grandma's way
she whispered into grandpa's ear and these the words she said

Chorus 1
"my Love you're leaving the lanark valley
you're going to fight for king and country
i'll raise our babes, and won't stop praying
come back alive, my arms will be waiting."

Verse 2
patty grew-up and wanted a trade, so he signed-up for the ranks
trained on wrenching diesels in those aging leopard tanks
one year on when the order came out from the general in command
1st battalion rcr, 6 months in afghanistan
the troops and families gathered in the square to say goodbyes
his young wife held him tightly, trembling, tears welled in her eyes
and then the dreaded call came, time to board the motorcade
a few rushed final parting words, and these the words she said

Chorus 2
"my Love you're leaving the Pembroke valley
Until you're back, we'll miss you badly
You make me proud, the man I married
Hurry back to me, and your child I carry"

Middle 8
It often makes me wonder and it's hard to understand
why people risk their lives to serve in far off distant lands
a sense of pride and duty many men will never know
while they serve 10,000 miles away from home

Verse 3
6 months passed and the tour was done, more secure the danger zone
equipment packed and loaded, now the time for heading home
from their outpost station, the road was dangerous as was long
10 miles short of khandahar, singled out by a roadside bomb
the medics did their very best, only god knows how they tried
with shrapnel buried deep, within some minutes all had died
and when the team searched wreckage for belongings of the dead
a blood-stained, opened letter found, some fragments of it read

Chorus 3
"i'll see you soon love, back in our valley
your newborn son has joined our family
his flame-red hair, he has your eyes too
hurry back my love, our family needs you

speed home my love, this family loves you"

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