(Music by Marc Traynor / Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
sharpen the knives, we deal in lives
now low tens were once high fives
nowhere left to run today
meltdown surely hurtling our way

Chorus 1
international banks on their knees
sectors once so safe begging please, screaming please
fuelled by the funds that they bled
drowned in their greed, soon they're dead

Verse 2
investors time to fight back
change their red from black
they start contracting their muscles
change the tight from the slack

Chorus 2
institutions once raked it in
now exposed by their greed and their sin
once afloat, how they laughed (ha-ha)
now being sunk in their rafts

Chorus 3
the backyard's now the world stage
"sub-prime" the words of the age, induce rage
escape the meltdown of fire
financial guns now for hire

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