(Music by Marc Traynor/ Words by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
well i'm sitting here all alone just thinking about you
you say your feeling down and i'd like to help you see it through
if you give me a chance and listen to my thoughts about the world

Chorus 1
there are times when everything's going beautiful
there are other times when everything's going wrong
they say for every rainy day there is a rainbow
and it's up to you to find that rainbow before it's gone

Verse 2
look at me and what i've done
all my hopes and dreams that i've worked at for soo long
but the harder i tried the further that goes
those dreams in mind become
'til i find me the only dream i have is gone

Chorus 2
there was a time after that, when i was angry at the world
and i shut myself away alone, and felt sorry for myself
but through my friends and people cared enough to help me through
realised the needed new dream and a dream that would come true

Verse 3
so while your sitting there, feeling the sky is falling down
remember i'm around, to help in any way i can
and i would like for you to know
that you're a part of my life and i'd hate to see you go

Chorus 3
please remember there are people who think you are beautiful
there are people who think you cannot do a wrong
in this rainy world, to me, you are my rainbow
and the need to have the chance to love that rainbow
before that rainbow's gone

please remember, there are people out there that love you

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