(Music by Marc Traynor/ Words by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
Night closes in, the end to a perfect day
the time when she spreads her wings, comes out to play
the female of the species by decree
will rob us blind and slake her thirst for free

Chorus 2
On speedy wings she flies
no need for alibis
who'll be her victim, me or you
she'll slowly have her way
matters not though short her stay
she'll stamp our passports on her journey through

Verse 2
trying to keep her at bay with everything you've got
while she'll smile straight through you, tie you in a knot
breacher of defences, she'll move in for the kill
as you drift of to sleep, she'll arrive to take her fill

Chorus 2
wing speed's her give away
as she singles out her prey
she aligns you firmly in her sights
you may be unaware
covert agents in the air
as we play the hosts to her delights

dinner bell has sounded

Verse 3
she leaves unnoticed, as swiftly as she came
to where, who knows, to her more than a game
the fruits of her labour clear in the morning light
to the winner the spoils as she continues to scale the heights

once again she's made her mark under the cover of the dark
and yet again, she's taken flight
she lives on riding luck, one day soon may come unstuck
deceiver, thiever in the night

she's coming straight at ya, she's coming for you

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