(Music and Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
the ropes are on, the engines started
we set sail once again for you
as the crow flies, or hugging turkey's coastline
wind and waves will mold the story through

Chorus 1
AEGLI - with her speed and with her vigour
AEGLI - She speed us on into your arms
AEGLI - as her wings fly underwater
AEGLI - to re-unite us with your charms

Verse 2
round the headland, once again we see her
won't be long now, soon to stand again
on our life, our isle of wonder
all aboard our charging express train

Chorus 2
AEGLI - She cuts her way ever onwards
AEGLI - It takes a brave one to stand in her way
AEGLI - our thoroughbred, well-groomed, trusty charger
AEGLI - with her tail awash in Aegean spray

Verse 3
To the right is Nimos, ahead the bell tower
us we cut through oceanis' wake
cometh the isle, cometh the hour
to refresh the old and new dreams make

Chorus 3
AEGLI - As her bow drops into the shallows
AEGLI - as to the key side again becomes one
AEGLI - to take the steps and depart her shadows
AEGLI - reunite with friends in the morning sun

Comment:- This song is trying to capture the sheer power and unbridled energy of the ANES shipping line's (then) fastest vessel, that regularly journeyed between Symi and Rhodes, the hydrofoil Aegli. Not the most personal way to arrive on Symi, but certainly the fastest! I was assured by Frank (from Taxiarchis Apartments) that the hydrofoil was originally a Russian design, although I thought they were of Greek origin! The guitar style is very Joe Satriani-ish but oh, to be half as talented!

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