(Words & Music by Rivera/McAndrew/Chappel/Kosacek)

as we keep trying to rebuild the world
most neglected are the thoughts of heart
in their cauldron of mundane pursuits
they push aside the world that may not last

the final colony, a dying breed
must remain focussed on the proven route
what shall become of our most precious earth
if all our efforts still do not bear fruit

REBOOT THE PLANET, it’s our final chance
still phantoms shouting at the moon and back so
so disunited in their world romance
that their demise may just ambush them too soon

the plates of time they have their arguments
cascading mass destruction all around
their ears not hearing what is happening
their hearts not listening for the joyful sound

the airborne threat is marching steadily
too many still refusing to comply
do human rights equate to selfishness
don’t leave it too long before asking why

unity of action within bonds of love
will they provide the journey on and on or
or will the calls be met with obstinance
before obstinance, all obstinance is gone

REBOOT THE PLANET, it’s our final chance
or are we phantoms shouting at the moon
disunited in their worldly romance
mankind may end soon, too soon and

REBOOT THE PLANET, it's our only chance to
reset the scales of justice
reunited in one common purpose
union, we can't miss, we must not miss

we must not miss, no, no, no

Comment:- The planet needs re-booted to a new dawn!

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