Original Artist - DEEP PURPLE
(Ritchie Blackmore / Ian Gillan / Roger D Glover / Jon Lord / Ian Paice)

This was an entry by collaborators at to an Ian Gillan's SMOKE ON THE WATER Contest

Ootle - Vocals First Verse and Chorus
Curtis - Vocals Second Verse and Chorus
Pleasureome - Vocals in Third verse and Chorus, Main Lead Guitar
Brina - Verse BGV's and Chorus
Dave - MorseKode - Lead after First Verse, Closing riff
Tommy GtrWorks - Intro Lead Guitar Closing solo before Organ
Steve b_3guy - Organ track
DavidinOz - Bass
Geoff Wickerman - Rhythm guitar blended under the Left Rhythm and Organ
Ken Grover - Drums
NickT - Left Rhythm Guitar, Mix and Master

Verse 1
we all came out to montreux
on the Lake Geneva shoreline
to make records with a mobile
we didn't have much time
frank zappa and the mothers
were at the best place around
but some stupid with a flare gun
burned the place to the ground

Chorus 1
SMOKE ON THE WATER, fire in the sky

Verse 2
they burned down the gambling house
it died with an awful sound
funky claude was running in and out
pulling kids out the ground
when it all was over
we had to find another place
but swiss time was running out
it seemed that we would lose the race

Chorus 2
SMOKE ON THE WATER, fire in the sky

Verse 3
We ended up at the Grand hotel
It was empty cold and bare
But with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside
Making our music there
With a few red lights and a few old beds
We make a place to sweat
No matter what we get out of this
I know we'll never forget

Chorus 3
SMOKE ON THE WATER, fire in the sky

Judges Comments:-
Ian:Nice guitar, drums, keys. Band is hot.
Michael:Nice guitar playing in the intro. Not sure if I love the harmonies put into the verses, but big points for doing that, and their well done. Overall, good feel on the basic tracks. The chord change under the solo sounded like the wrong ones to me, a minor point, but the change wasn't an improvement.
John:Oh my goodness what's with the panning on the intro? - when the right kicks in it's good
Awesome lead guitar player
Solid rhythm section
Good leads and background vocals (perhaps consider backing off the BG's and let the lead go for it until later in the song)
Great lead guitar solos - feels a bit dry - you should buy some pedals
Third verse vocals are really good (this time you have the BG's right)
Clear potential on this one.

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