C U C Me
(Music by Juhani Nahkala / Lyrics by Steve McAndrew / Guitar Solo by Dimitar Nalbantov)

Verse 1
dreams in the night they come to me
messengers of the night revealing all
hard as I try to fight lady sleep
she once again will win and they will call

Pre Chorus 1
on through the twilight zone to that place that they claim as home
i lie here anticipating, I lie here all alone
i wish you were here beside me to give me comfort, help and guide me
to help me through this transition, to be around and help me see

Chorus 1
undercover of the darkness, in the dead of night
they'll be lurking in the shadows of the sleeping light
as the witching hour approaches, to return once more
i'm left to lie in wonder of what tonight's in store

Verse 2
as my eyes grow heavy, now I know it's not too far away
hopefully in the blink of an eye I'll soon be awakening to the brand new day

Pre Chorus 2
somehow I don't, I don't think, I don't think I'm gonna be that lucky
and somehow I just know, I know it's not gonna be that way
it's a pattern, it's a blue-print a repeat performance of a
parody of a passion play In which I have no say

Chorus 2
i can't hear you, though my eyes can see
they're tight shut in dreamland....released again when sleep sets them free
in this one way traffic, oh how can this be?
let's re-establish the two-way...see you see me

Gtr Solo

Pre Chorus 3
i need to hold my own, to make sure I don't get in deeper
i need to feel secure, need to know exactly where I should go
with you right here and by my side there's nothing in this world, this world can touch me
anywhere's not out of bounds when you're around and when I'm with you

Chorus 3
while alone in isolation, I was at her beck and call
now together and united, never again to fall
to what was once locked inside me, you produced the key
now infinite vision....see you see me

SEE YOU SEE ME (choir out)

Comment:- This lyrical idea came about from the title CUC of a bed track that was given to me by Juhani on Collaboration Central (Juhani was the one who did the production and all other parts in the Led Zeppelin cover of The Rover that I did vocals, guitar solo and Chorus Chorused guitars on). I'd been gettin' up progressively earlier in the morning and my recording area is the front small bedroom of our house. Having sat myself on this chair at around 5 'o clock (local) in the morning, I wasn't in a position to be able to record any vox, so set about writing the lyrics!

There was an additional Pre Chorus 3 written that was never used ;
there's a face behind the mirror, and it isn't me
there's enough for me on this side, from which I must flee
out of reach, on the edge of my perception, my safe haven dwells
but to ensure that I can reach it, I need to break sleep's spell

The idea is a bit garbled, but basicly it's based around sleepwalking, as if you hadn't guessed! The chord and bed structure just cried out an anthem of some sorts and to be honest although I only used the CUC Me lyric sparingly...it's the kernel of the idea. I was thinking along the lines of the sleep-walking twilight zone being partially two-way (and I hope what I've just written makes some sort of sense!).

Now just listen to Dimitar's guitar solo......pure magic!!!
You can see the finished song thread here.

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