(Music and Lyrics by Holger Bremer)

music and lyrics : Mick Lovering (mickbrit55) and Holger Bremer (soulfrontier)
acoustic guitar : Holger Bremer (soulfrontier)
electric guitars : Mick Lovering (mickbrit55)
all vocals : Steve McAndrew (Pleasuredome)
keyboards: Paulo Gomes (Paulo)
bass guitar: Andy Gupta (AndyG6508)
drums : John Wooten (jwoo10)
mixing/master: Paulo Gomes (Paulo)

Verse 1
all the way its coming down, its coming back to me
to where I found my home.
all the way and the feeling's coming over
to play hide and seek again.

Chorus 1
through the river that I crossed over
through the valley of the kings
over mountains and through the wilderness

Verse 2
and now I'm sitting here and let it all come in
there's a better way.
see the sunrise and I watch a bird
and this tune will make my day

Chorus 2
you are here and you are there - everywhere!
i found a place where i belong
you may see me in the shape of this old tree
and the birds will sing you a song

Bridge 1
come on come on sing a song
for my love, oh for my love

Middle 8
i'm COMING HOME to where the light burns brighter
i'm COMING HOME to warm by the fire
i'm COMING HOME to feel safer and higher
i'm COMING HOME to hear the sound of laughter

Bridge 2
ah, there's a better way
ah, it will make my day
it takes away all my fears
and through the cool mist you'll see

see-saw marjorie daw

Comment:- This is a song that would have sat easily on Led Zeppelin III! I was asked by Holger Bremer, the German writer if I would sing it in the style of Robert Plant. I think I did (I love it) but you can decide!!

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