Mike Woodford - Musical Composition, Everything Else
Steve McAndrew - Lyrics/All Vocals
John Wooten - Drums

Here is the final mix (12/05/13)

Here is an intermediate earlier rough mix (28/04/13)

Verse 1
nothing's ever what it seems
this is no middle earth broken dream
no lessons learned from what has been
as they hide behind their smoke screen
it's clear those who appear to win
with truth they struggle to begin
through countenace now wearing thin
their masquerading stories spin

give it true cadence
denial and avoidance
gloved puppetmasters
with their toys in hand
rolling in their decadence
acted out through pretence
never saying what they mean
how they poison the land

expose the MASQUERADE
negotiate a fair trade
where the play of lies is made

Verse 2
now take the chance to make things right
as with your conscience fuel the fight
or have you still no appetite
to grapple with the daylight
the pattern set from folklore
as history displays before
upon the fields of evermore
deception ensures your tongue's still sore

Verse 3
it's hopeful soon your bubble burst
as all need fuel to feed their thirst
your crime ranks high among the worst
the front you wear is not your first
as surely it won't be your last
your dancing spell so clearly cast
you had a ball and had a blast
although It's being broken way to fast

Comment:- It is hard to be wrong regarding what the lyrics are commenting on!
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