Mark Knight - Composition, MIDI, Arrangement, Production
Paul Marazetti - Lyrics
Steve McAndrew - Lyrics, Vocals
Electric Guitar - mlc
Electric Wah Guitar - SimonH1
Acoustic Guitar - Schenkerguy
Electric Bass Guitar - Schenkerguy
Drums - jwoo10

Verse 1
on a high flying wagon train
feel the sun through the window pane
ran them black hats clear out of town
hired a posse and gunned them all down

Verse 2
so let 'em raise a big dust cloud
you did good and your mama's proud
no telling what the truth will find
but you're sky-high now with an open mind

Chorus 1
and it's funny how the views can change
thirty-thousand feet up and way down range
are those SMOKE PLUMES in the air?
or a line of clouds in the predawn glare?
it may be funny how the views can change
some would argue it's a fair exchange
other minds they think they just don't care
when posed the question do you think it's fair?

Verse 3
not sure what you really did
'til historians lift the lid
will a new world war dance cut it?
open pandora's box or shut it?

Verse 4
is the world now a better place?
did it just fall flat on its face?
no telling what you left behind
but you're sky-high now with an open mind

Middle 8
why does time always grant us sight
of what we did wrong and what we did right
when it's too late to change a thing?
when the swan has sung her song and taken to the wing?
how long can wisdom survive
unwanted: dead or alive?
a lone voice 'mid the home team cheers -
i give you these for they have no ears

Verse 5
final toast on a midnight plane
in full stealth mode and free of blame
it all went like you said it would
took on the press and you fooled 'em good

Verse 6
heading home with a loaded chest
oiled stetson and a cowboy vest
you know, you really robbed 'em blind
but you're sky-high now with an open mind

Comment:- This is a song that was born on the Collaboration Central website. There was an open vocal audition and I could do nothing other than sing to such an amazing bed-track. Marc Knight (Madfiddler) had been out and came home in the early hours of the morning, deciding that although he was tired, he had to give my take a listen. The rest is history as they say and the song mutated and grew into an absolutely wonderful epic, at least I think so. Thanks Marc for running with my vocals on this

Marc has subsequently posted on the finished songs section of the Musicians Collaboration site.
You can see the finished song thread here.

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