(Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)
(Paxos 17-06-06 08:30)

sitting in the bay, visual wealth
cover of night, movement in stealth
we want what you've got, the reverse also true
people don't know me, but most likely know you

eyes through the lenses are wondering who
send your serf to the shore in their shiny and new
nicholson, cage, connery, law
the camel's back's surely broken by straw
many would love it, some call it obscene
but you've lost something precious, anonymity lean

behind glass that is dark you keep an eye on the world
from beyond the reflection, is it boy, is it girl
with your many around, keeping watcher's at bay
cocooned in your castle, just when do you play
time throws open the doors, time to show off the toys
that create the division, the men from the boys
then as quick as you came, in the blink of an eye
you are off somewhere else to find more wealth to buy

Comment:- This is a song I wrote when on holiday in Paxos, Greece in 2006 that is based around the gin palace yachts that arrive but their occupants remain onboard and never come ashore. There is an innate intrigue in wondering who is onboard and they are almost certainly watching from the boat but in the long run they have actually lost their anonymity because if they are celebrity figures, everybody actually knows them!

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