(Music and Lyrics by Steve McAndrew)

Verse 1
when you played with fire, you knew you may get burned
you played your three times table then your two times table turned
you seemed to have it your way, though it tasted bitter-sweet
in giving off your ultra-cool, you were turning up the heat

Chorus 1
you played with fire (although you never learned)

Verse 2
it started out as intrigue but it got under your skin
while pledging love for only me you were playing the field with them
in giving of your best shot you used up all your luck
as friction kept increasing the patches came un-stuck

Chorus 2
you played with fire (to you nothing strange)
you played with fire (you know you'll never change)

Verse 3
friction made the sparks fly the tinder caught alight
at your own hand the flames were fanned deception burning bright
in constant threat of trouble you spurned the golden rule
the pot was kept at boiling you were never short of fuel

Chorus 3
you played with fire (man on a mission)
you played with fire (no chance of remission)
you played with fire (when are you gonna cool down)
you played with fire (the fire of a clown)

Comment:- I'm sure that everyone knows someone driven by Richard!!

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