December 2004

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Wednesday 01/12/2004 - Another Month rolls on though I'm still stuck in the same car preparation, having replaced the fuel cap and door handle (broke last week!)

Thursday 02/12/2004 - Took car to Kwik Fit to have shock absorbers replaced.........the wallet just gets lighter and lighter!! I'm away to watch the light blues on the television and intend to get some serious musical work done tomorrow on my day off. See ya.

Friday 03/12/2004 - Car should have received MOT certification today, but the garage received the wrong brake hoses, so still not done and the MOT expires Monday. They assure me that it will be done on Monday (although my breath is bated!). Did get more vocals done but not happy with them as my heart was not in it!

Saturday 04/12/2004 - Did a little guitar work today, but worry about the car stopped me being productive and I gave up. I'm worried because the clock keeps ticking!

Sunday 05/12/2004 - Linda and I met my boys in Edinburgh (they came up from Berwick on the train) and we went to the pictures and saw THE FORGOTTEN. It's an excellent film and if you see it I think you may agree although I'm not going to give anything away in case you do decide to watch it! Watched the final of hard-spell tonight, weren't these kids just amazing!!

Monday 06/12/2004 - Got the car back tonight (the garage phoned at 18:10 to say it was ready) and the faults that were there......................are still there!! Although it does have a valid MOT certificate again, the travel on the brake pedal and the resonant rattling from the exhaust are still there so it's booked in for Saturday morning to hopefully resolve all problems (although I'm not confident!) I will also have been at my works night out on Friday so may not be quite as plausible on the Saturday morning.

Tuesday 07/12/2004 - Did a bit more image preparation tonight, although my heart's not in it at the moment.

Wednesday 08/12/2004 - Recorded a few more guitar parts tonight but not much else!

Thursday 09/12/2004 - Watched Shrek 2 with Linda and split our sides laughing!!

Friday 10/12/2004 - Night out with work (A few too many were had by all!)

Saturday 11/12/2004 - Took the car to be properly repaired and it's now fine. I also got an idea for a new riff and calling it Pulling All the Stops Out at the moment. (It's funny how songs can just arrive like that!)

Sunday 12/12/2004 - Laid a pilot guitar track for Pulling All the Stops Out before programming a drum and bass track (This song is going to be a-la Darkness)

Monday 13/12/2004 - Working late at work tonight so doubt if I'll get anything done apart from an unwind at the television.

Tuesday 14/12/2004 - Continued with drum programming for Pulling All the Stops Out.

Wednesday 15/12/2004 - Continued with drum programming and recorded a second rhythm guitar part for Pulling All the Stops Out.

Thursday 16/12/2004 - Did a guitar solo tonight but although alright, I could definitely do better.

Friday 17/12/2004 - Linda's work's night out tonight and I intended to record a pilot vocal but didn't get round to it.

Saturday 18/12/2004 - Went to Edinburgh to see a neighbour who's had a hip replacement before going to do a small amount of shopping.

Sunday 19/12/2004 - Did a lot of fine tuning to Pulling All the Stops Out.and refined the drums and bass parts. Wrote lyrics today and renamed the song Dancing in the Bow Wave. You can check the lyrics here.

Monday 20/12/2004 - Didn't do anything musical or to the web page tonight as Linda and I went across to Burntisland to see my parents. Didn't get home until 22:30 so nothing musical done. Got an eleven and a half pages of A4 email from Hugo tonight so it was 12:12 before the lights were put out and sleep pursued! What a guy he is!

Tuesday 21/12/2004 - Updated the web page at last (I had been too busy with the new song for the last week .......sorry!).

Wednesday 22/12/2004 - Started preparing a rough mix of Dancing in the Bow Wave for you to hear and will post to sounds page soon.

Thursday 23/12/2004 - Winding down for Christmas and so not much work done to further your sound bite of Dancing in the Bow Wave, but maybe tomorrow.

Friday 24/12/2004 - Watched Telly and not much else again, what a lazy bozo!!

Saturday 25/12/2004 - Have a good and all and I promise I will keep you better informed from now on, although today has been spent enjoying the festivities.

Sunday 26/12/2004 - Holiday season is well and truly here (with it's partner lack of motivation to work) and the day has again been spent lazily!

Monday 27/12/2004 - Started a little work on 'Bow-wave' today, re-recording the rhythm guitar part and feeling sorry for Linda who spent the day ironing!

Tuesday 28/12/2004 - Recorded the guitar solo today and will get into some vocals tomorrow hopefully.

Wednesday 29/12/2004 - Recorded a guide vocal but that was all, as the voice just wasn't happening today. I settled for tidying up guitar parts.

Thursday 30/12/2004 - Today has been the absolute opposite of yesterday and I not only recorded the vocals (no backing vocals yet).

Friday 31/12/2004 - I'm such a stickler for detail that I spent the day renaming all the audio files in Dancing to the correct names. It has no effect on what you hear whatsoever, so I suppose you could say I'm compulsive!! Hope you've had a good year and we all extend our sympathies to all those affected by the terrible Asian catastrophe. I'll speak to you in what we can only hope is a far better 2005 circa tomorrow. Have a good one when it comes!

We're of to Marks and Spencer's to get the New-Year scran tonight so I'll call it a day and speak to you soon.

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