November 2004

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Monday 01/11/2004 - Images, images and more images and today the scenery is go!

Tuesday 02/11/2004 - Still tidying up the site, but have finally decided the time is right to do some musical furtherance so the site is going to have to wait for a little. I know that it will gnaw away at me to upload the remaining prepared miscellaneous and musical images and I will probably do so next week-end. Now where is my Strat and how is it that you play it again! Speak t' ya ramorra.

Wednesday 03/11/2004 - So much for concentrating on music, as all I did today was upload new images!

Thursday 04/11/2004 - Uploaded the last of the prepared images today, but the images page has become too sprawling, I'll need to modify it.

Friday 05/11/2004 - Got a brand new pair of Tannoy Reveal Actives today and I'm like the proverbial pig. It's great to be able to accurately hear what is happening in a mix, as up until now I have used headphones (and this is the cardinal sin regarding mixing!) I'll get a loan of my parent's camera and put a shot of them on the site. They're awesome. I may get some serious musical work done tomorrow, although I still have the re-design of the images page to do, so we'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday 06/11/2004 - Spent until now (14.12) re-arranging the images page and I'm happy with the results now. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm of to indulge in some aural pleasure!

Sunday 07/11/2004 - Still a few pops and bangs outside tonight, although things have subsided from the previous two nights (and even that pales into insignificance in relation to the Greek dynamite Easter festivities!). Must have been some guy, this Fawkes!

Spent a little time today resurrecting some old sounds that were lying in the vaults that were old Atari (and later PC) zipped archive files. Found a copy of Let Me Be The One and spent a little while re-organizing it! I'll bring it back up to full quality and remix and put the whole song up on the web page as a sample I think. It's now 22.15 and I'm working tomorrow so I'll see ya later....good night.

Monday 08/11/2004 - Corrected dates in this diary tonight, as they were entered wrongly. I spent some time re-recording guitar parts for Let Me Be The One and I imagine I'll have it ready and on the sounds page by Monday of next week (although every deadline I've attempted up until now has been elastic!)

Tuesday 09/11/2004 - Continued working on Let Me Be The One but could not get the guitar sound right. These new monitors are so accurate as to be unforgiving, and that, coupled with my mind set that nothing less than perfection will do resulted in me pushing myself down a cul-de-sac. I finally gave up after two and a half hours and just played guitar for a short while, before finally doing a bit more work in image preparation (my family images this time). I did continue to use the monitors however, as I was listening to some of my mp3 collection and hearing things I've never heard before in songs I thought I was absolutely familiar with (e.g. the squeaky bass drum pedal in Led Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You from Zeppelin 3!).

Wednesday 10/11/2004 - Just checked for emails tonight (having worked until 17.45 and getting home at 18.15) before settling down to watch the terrestrial TV broadcast (don't have cable) of Rangers verses Celtic (c'mon the blues!).

Thursday 11/11/2004 - Did the final corrections of a collection of my parent's photos tonight (making sure they were framed and cropped correctly) and now have to save them from bitmap to jpeg format and create thumbnails, before finally selecting and uploading some for you to see. Linda shouted me up to the PC to show me that we were on the Symi Visitor 'Out and About' page.

Friday 12/11/2004 - Watched a bit of telly and nothing much else

Saturday 13/11/2004 - Went to Edinburgh to get a new hoover after Linda had a little mishap with the old one! Did nothing much to the page or musically today.

Monday 15/11/2004 - I did a rhythm guitar part for Let Me Be the One and also put a pay-pal shopping basket on the sounds page for the Symi Wind album. (so now you have no excuse for not owning it ha-ha!!). I'm on a day's holiday tomorrow so I should get some serious work done! Re-designed this page tonight and added the additional buttons at the bottom for navigating to the previous months as a means of overcoming the masses of scrolling syndrome!

I'm seriously cheesed off with Easyspace for their obnoxious advertising campaign that encroaches the pages. It is there by default and you are required to pay an annual subscription to have it removed!! I think I'll be migrating over to 1and1 as my provider in the near future, apart from the fact that they give you 600meg of server space!

Tuesday 16/11/2004 - I spent the day preparing the site for migration across to One and One as the new host for the web page, after having received a reminder this morning that the email addresses were up for renewal. Decided to take the plunge and pay more per annum, but receive more web space and a far better service in both the immediate and long term. Placed a redirection index page on the Easy space server to send you to a temp location on the new One and One server (since the registration of the domain needs to be transferred). My great plans for serious musical pursuits today came to nothing, since the day simply disappeared with my head and concentration focused on the web page!

Wednesday 17/11/2004 - I just about died this morning when I found out what Easy space charge (andpound;25 plus vat!) for the domain transfer. Well I'm now stuck between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea, having signed to One and One with domain registered with Easy space. I'll need to pay the bucks I suppose!

Thursday 18/11/2004 - Paid the dosh ('cause as they say you get what you pay for!) and the site is now in the process of moving. Although this is pretty transparent to you as you browse the pages, I had a lot of administrative checking and re-checking to ensure that all was all going to plan.

Friday 19/11/2004 - Did an hour of site migration testing before spending the evening in front of the tele (vision not caster!) watching Children in Need.

Saturday 20/11/2004 - Success at last, the site is now on the 1and1 server and oh what a joy!! For a start the process of site editing is far quicker (as the ftp transfer goes like a rocket!) and most important of all, there are no longer any of these pesky Easyspace adverts interfering with what I intend pages to look like. Did a little more work on the images home pages today and the site is now as I want it, save for new added material (that will be ongoing). Time to play some six string (that I didn't buy at the five and dime, although I did used to play it 'til my fingers bled and born in 1956, started playing guitar aged thirteen........ it was the Summer of '69!)

Sunday 21/11/2004 - Completed the guitar parts for Let Me Be the One today (no vocals yet, but coming along nicely!) I've just done this edit (18:04) to the diary page and find that I can't access the page on the server to upload it using FTP protocol. Having tried to view the site in Explorer I find that's unavailable as well, so can only assume (and hope) that it's a very temporary server fault!! I've just posted the updates (it now being 18:14), so it was a temporary fault.....phew!

Monday 22/11/2004 - The November Symi Visitor arrived today and there's a full page article about me, as well as two pictures on the 'Out and About' pages! I spent a while reading and re-reading the article before scanning it into the PC. I then continued preparing more images for the site from the somewhat large pool that I have available and will let you see them soon.

Tuesday 23/11/2004 - Still continuing image preparation that I may have ready for upload tomorrow evening. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Wednesday 24/11/2004 - Navigate to Symi Visitor Articles on the images page (or if you're lazy like here to see the Symi Visitor article). I'm only sorry that the email and web page addresses were not included in the article although I'm going to contact Nikos and co and see if they can put an addendum in next month (or give me a link from their page!). I'm as happy as the cat that got the cream!!

Thursday 25/11/2004 - The images page has been somewhat added to with additional images added to Symi friends, amongst others.

Tuesday 30/11/2004 - Sourcing spares for the car that gets it's repairs and MOT on Friday. Nothing else done, oh and tomorrow is December!!

Friday 26/11/2004 - Studio, Guitars and My Family (children) pages added (17:19). I'm now going to do some vocals for Let Me Be the One! Got a call from Linda to go into town and have a few beers (as one of the dental receptionists from the practice she works at was leaving) and ended up staying out for most of the evening.

Saturday 27/11/2004 - Additional vocals recorded for Let Me Be the One and some additional pictures of my sons added to images pages. Took the car for it's MOT today (expires 06 December) only to find it needs some serious money spent on it to get a pass..........bummox!

Sunday 28/11/2004 - Spent the day sourcing parts for the car so no furtherance of either page or music. I also ran into a network problem yet again and found that the way round it was to: -

1. Uninstall Norton Internet Security 2005 on both machines. 2. Uninstall the Network adaptors from both machines. 3. Remove the Norton folders on both machines. 4. Reinstall the Network Adaptors on both machines. 5. Using Network Tasks, Set up a home or small office network on PC connected to cable modem and re-boot. 6. Using Network Tasks, Set up a home or small office network on other PC and re-boot. 7. Now re-install Norton Internet Security 2005 on both machines and run live update until completely up to date.

Monday 29/11/2004 - Completed the tidying up of yesterday's procedure and at the moment things seem to be correct and stable. I'm on a day off on Friday and hope to get a decent run at finishing Let Me Be the One to completion. Close for now

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