August 2005

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Yet another month with lots of work done on recording and re-recording of vocals for the AintTV project, and also some vocals on another couple of collaborative projects on the Artist Collaboration site. Click on the link and find posts by Pleasuredome to see what I've been up to.

Sadly, I said goodbye to my two lovely boys Niall and Robbie on Sunday 28th (as they fly off to New Zealand to emigrate on Wednesday 7th September) at Edinburgh Waverley station. This was a particularly sore occasion for all three of us, as we all realised the miles that were going to be put between. Still, it's nothing that a lot of air-miles can't overcome, and they intend on coming back to the UK every year to see friends and family, so roll on their lovely boys.

Departed for Symi on 31 August to enjoy the isle of dreams once again so I will let you know next month.........................chow for now.

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