March 2005

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I saw the month out, having been involved in a few INTERNET collaboration projects (mostly singing for some fellow musos projects) and in doing so secured the services of an absolutely mega drummer (from Kansas) and bass player from Canada!

I did a collaborative cover of the Led Zeppelin song The Rover with user Spacecube on, on which I did vocals, guitar solo and chorused chorus guitar parts, Spacecube doing everything else. The song is from the Physical Graffiti album and has primarily resulted in me being asked to do vocals for a few people!

I have also met and secured the skills of a mixing engineer (by the name of Rab) who stays at the other end of town from me, having been introduced to him by an Australian keyboards player (correction DRUMMER!) really is a small world!

I've spoken to many people also using Yahoo Instant Messenger and/or Skype that I've installed in the older PC, the delay on Skype being almost negligible (around 1/3 second!) and costing nothing extra, over and above my usual monthly ISP fees!

I am still writing, with the added incentive now, that the tracks will have real drums on them (instead of the previous takes with computer generated drums) and real bass too. I can't wait to hear the end product, although I know for sure that it's going to be absolutely great!!

I'm still getting lots of ideas, although not harnessing them and progressing them yet, just putting them aside as musical notes to be worked on as and when!

Check out my first collaborative post here, a blistering guitar take after running through the backing track once, that had been posted, inviting jamming on top! I couldn't restrain myself from submitting my attempt! I think you'll agree that it's not bad!

Here is The Rover for your critical analysis or enjoyment.....or maybe both...ha-ha!

John had a run through on the kit for Kalistrata Boogie, that is awesome!!!

I'll speak to you end of April.......doesn't time fly!?

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