May 2005

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May has again gone out with a bang at full throttle, with almost every waking hour not at work spent working on the Aint TV project......this material rocks, but very very melodically!!

We have secured the domain name and you can check out our web page here, although it is still heavily under construction.

(I am only too glad that my darling wife Linda is as supportive as to give me so much time to pursue this rich tapestry of creation in my much loved field of music and for this she has my deepest thanks). Linda does like the material however, which helps and she (like us all) look forward to the finished product, which I can assure you is going to be good.

The problem we all face is the constraints of there only being twenty four hours in any given day (although if the truth be known, I think we'd still be struggling with forty eight hour days!!)

You have no idea the restraint and self-control we are exerting to stop us from screaming out about the currently recorded material, although we all realise that to do so would dilute the potential impact!. We have now all but completed four songs (with me currently starting to record the vocals for the fifth).

I feel sorry for my fellow muso NickT, as unfortunately most of the onus is now falling heavily on him to mix the myriad of parts that we have all produced and handed to him.

Anyway I'll close now, as I'm off to spend the first 15 days of June on holiday in Symi once again.....sorta re-charge the batteries!

I'll Speak to you again at the beginning of July when I suspect the Aint TV material will either be completed, or very, very close......Kali Nichta being good night in Greek!

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