September 2005

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Returned from the holiday on 14th having endured a six and a half hour delay on the return journey, due to a broken Angle of Attack sensor on the plane (that apparently happened to the plane on take-off from Glasgow). My friend Nick (who is an aircraft tech) told me that these sensors don't get broken on take-off, but rather by the air bridge operator and/or ground crew as a rule!

Nick has sent me a new acoustic song idea that I'll need to give a serious listen to, as well as a rough mix of Situation, with all the additional band members input. I had previously sung to Mark's original bed track that was completely put together by Mark and it is now a long way to sounding like an AintTV track, with the individualised parts cool!

Johnnie7 in Australia has asked me to do some backing vocals on his song Dragon Queen (in the style of Ian Gillan as per Child in Time) that I should have fun with!

I have also got backing vocals to do for a song by Rob Wood that I wrote lyrics for and sung entitled Wednesday's Child that you can see the lyrics for and listen to here. Thanks for creating such a beautiful backing track and lovely piece of music to sing to Rob......excellent.

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