August 2006

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Where is this year going??

08/08/06 - Started working on the drums for one of Nick's tunes called And What Remains....a lovely rock ballad for the AintTV album, so watch this space!!

The musicians Collaboration site have also done a version of Smoke on the Water for a competition being run on the Ian Gillan site, that features a broad cross section of the members. The info and thread is here but more importantly, if you want us to stand a chance of (and hopefully succeeding in) winning then please click on the right hand star against the week 5 band entry.

I also managed to work out the compression on the video of Niall flying that he sent me and it's here.

It's the shot of his take off and very much reminds me of the excitement I felt when I flew out of Edinburgh (Turnhouse) from the old runway (the new one wasn't built yet) out over the Forth Bridges around 36 years ago before flying around over Burntisland.....fond memories!!

Departed for Paxos on 21 August to enjoy the new-found isle of re-energising so until September's diary...................


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