December 2006

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Fri 1/12/06 - Marion took what appeared to be another stroke, and although we were told to prepare for the worst, has made a pretty full recovery, although a scan is scheduled to clarify what exactly happened. The family are still all reeling from our roller-coaster week-end that to be honest, feels like some sort of surreal dream. I'll keep you posted.

Marion is out of hospital again and absolutely no 'worse for wear', something that just reinforces and compounds the ethereal feeling that both Linda and I feel!

I have been overseeing the laying of a new wooden floor in our living room and lower landing and it has meant I have been unable to get very much musical tracking done, although I have worked on the guitar and vocal tracks for a Cosmic Singularity track by Roddi (the bass player) called Prepare To Be.

I suggested a new formatted table idea is used for all the band members to know exactly where they (along with everyone else) know exactly where we all are relative to the project and Stephen is working up the code to facilitate this. The problem is simply down to the fact that we are all working in isolation and this raises a whole load of problems........oh to be sitting in a rehearsal room writing with these guys.....we would probably write another album in two days........I can but dream!!

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