June 2006

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Month started off terribly with a computer virus attack that involved me doing a fresh operating system re-install that I have just completed. I have also taken an image of the partition to help prevent the downtime associated with a re-install, should I be hit with a virus again!!

5th - I'm now off on hols for a couple of weeks so speak to you again soon.

19th - I'm back all rested and at that point where to start recording again implies work (with it's associated mind-set). It'll probably take me my usual 3 weeks or so to get back into gear!

However, met some great people on the holiday including Spiros from the Taxidi Bar in Logos who I played on a few nights with on the accordion. There was also a night with a great bazouki player (reputedly, 5th best in Greece?) who had come down from Corfu, a great guitarist (who taught guitar) and another player who played a really small scale acoustic instrument (not unlike a mandolin) that I don't know what was! That was a good night. I did however feel really sorry for the pair of great classical musicians (GEORGE DESILLAS - piano and SAKIS - cello) who came from Corfu to play at the funeral of the man who had started classical festivals on the island. (See George's entry in the guest-book) They were playing their set of sad funereal music when they were literally stopped playing, because the material they were playing was too sad. The two people were Brits unfortunately and so up-themselves, it was really sad to see.

29th - Recorded the first vocal I've done for what seems like ages tonight and it's here.

Things are also purring away nicely on the Cosmic site with the securing of an excellent bass player from Canada called Rod Chappel so things are going to move forward nicely.......Rod sounds very like Chris Squire, which is excellent considering Cosmic Singularity is a Progressive Rock project! Incidentally, Rick Wakeman is one of Stephen's fans.....I kid you not!!!!

BTW, I unearthed writings I made on the recent Paxos holiday.........make of them what you will!!

METAMORPHOSIS (Paxos June '06) First the one, then the other Gradual change, re-arrange in the distance, earth is mother Moon is brother, re-arrange..........dynamic exchange


Watching You Watching Us Watching You (Paxos 17-06-06 08:30)

Sitting in the bay, visual wealth Cover of night, movement in stealth We want what you've got, the reverse also true People don't know me, but surely know you

Eyes through the lenses are wondering who? Send your serf to the shore in their shiny and new Nicholson, Cage, Connery, Law The camel's back's surely broken by straw Many would love it, some call it obscene But you've lost something precious, your anonymity's lean

Behind glass that is dark you keep an eye on the world From beyond the reflection, is it boy, is it girl With you're many around, keeping watcher's at bay Cocooned in your castle, just when do you play Time throws open the doors, time to show off the toys that create the division, the men from the boys Then as quick as you came, in the blink of an eye You are off somewhere else to find more wealth to buy

See you next month!

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