March 2006

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The larynx is still congested, when am I gonna be able to sing again....this is torture.

15/03/06 Actually started to sing again, but my voice is still breaking and crackling in places so still a little way to go!

16/03/06 Sung one of nick Testa's songs that I think will be adopted for the AintTV album called And What Remains and it's a great ballad. I gave a nice heart-felt delivery that I absolutely loved, although it will all have to be done again when Nick re-creates the new bed-track! I can't wait to sing it again, it's fab and you'll hear it sometime soon.

Incidentally, Nick has set-up a great collaboration site at that you should check out. Nick's intention is to cover all the bases, with a record label set-up etc etc...........go read about it!

I am also involved in another project (although this time it is in the progressive rock genre) under the title of Cosmic Singularity with the excellent keyboards player Stephen Rivera from West Palm Beach in Florida. I therefore have my work cut out, although I am loving the input and creativity that both projects afford me. Stephen is composing the site and you can see the carcass here. It is clearly under major construction at the moment and like everything in the project vies with all the other aspects that are the natural consequence of the commencement of a project.

Incidentally the throat infection/cold came back and has subsequently gone again so I can SING HURRAH!!!

OK guys and gals, I'll catch you in the month ahead......have a good one!

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