May 2006

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********STOP PRESS*********** I just been in contact with Nick and he's hoping for an early Summer release of the Aint TV album!!! ********STOP PRESS***********

The schedule may slide as there is still a lot to do, but it will be nice to let you hear the finished product!

Nick has also been appointed as the mix/master for the Cosmic Singularity project which is great news........he has the most exceptional ears for detail that I have ever known...............Stephen and I are absolutely over the moon to have you on board Nick...thanks bro!

It's remarkable to be involved with such talented and committed people so thanks for that guys it just gives me so much creative inspiration and I've never felt so musically alive, not just for a long time......but EVER!!!

If you want to track my activities then a good place to go is Nick's collaboration site here. You may need to register but that's free! Alternatively, you could do a search using Pleasuredome as your search at the site as an alternative to registering, but you don't gain as much access and this will only flag up threads that contain the word pleasuredome in the message. You will see songs from inception to completion and see the remarkable standard of the musicians/lyricists/mixers etc that are out there, my buddies!

I've added and set the counter on the home page to indicate how the hit count is going.

I have also set-up a simple guest-book and Forum using the CGI script from my web hosting company 1and1. Unfortunately, I lost the old entries in the guest-book during the process so it's an empty slate. Please post some new entries my friends......thanks!

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