November 2006

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November's here, with all it's wizardry and gunpowder and pets across the world running for cover, poor things.

I've been singing a few collaborations, not least of which is a part 2 of the Cosmic Singularity song called Looking upwards, Looking Downwards.

I also did a lead vocal on a track by Studioplayer (Dave) on Nick's site which I called Break With Protocol and you can follow the thread here and read the lyrics and listen tohere. Listen out for the wizardry and excellent playing on both the keys and guitar solos (Keys - Paulo in Portugal; Guitar - R4M in USA).

There has been an acceleration in the work being done on the Cosmic project, with the arrival of John and Roddi and it's great to be a part of, I just wish we had something that we could put out as promo that would give you an idea of the quality of the new work that we are currently writing/recording.

We have a completed track listing and it's now full speed for completion, although the festive season will clearly be a major distraction!!

Sorry November is so short as a diary entry, but although there has been much going on, it doesn't translate to a lot to tell you about.....maybe next month.....bye!

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