September 2006

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11/09/06 - Returned from Paxos and found that we had been unsuccessful in our Smoke on the Water competition, although we gave it our best shot.

Started working on the vocals for And What Remains and also programmed the drums and did vocals for You Make My Night (both Aint TV) songs.

Did a vocal for a great song on the Collaboration Central website called Smoke Plume. I love the lyrics and the overall feel of the song, it's great, but then I'm biased. It was John (Jwoo), the great John Wooten that proposed me, for which I am eternally grateful, else I'd have missed the song! If you check the thread, I make my entry on page 5.

I then did a vocal for a Rob Wood guitar bed to lyrics written by Couchgrouch on the Musicians Collaboration site that you can check out here. It's a very poignant song called Angel Shadows, although my interpretation and vocal expression didn't work too well with the lyricist, as you'll see in the thread!

I have since programmed a drum track for another Aint TV song called Way Cool.

I am also pleased to announce that my musical partner Stephen (Cosmic Singularity) has managed to make himself some time to get back into the musical fold and he has written a great part 4 for a musical suite we are working on entitled Looking Up, Looking Down and I did the guitar and vocals for that. I'd love this all to be finished to let you here it all (and hopefully purchase)!

So, as opposed to my usual very slow and lethargic acceleration back up to musical input speed, I have excelled myself this holiday as you can see. I am musically currently very busy just now, with no signs of the volume of work letting up and it's great to be so busy in the thing that I love so, my life's blood!

I've just recorded harmonies for And What Remains and re-recorded my lead vocals again.

I have a couple of Nick's songs that I need to write lyrics for that I'll need to now give some serious thought to, along with another song that my partner Stephen from the Cosmic Singularity project has written entitled Beacon of Truth. Stephen has written lyrics for it which makes my work input slightly less, it being a very good progressive rock song!

Where has this month gone, it's already nearly over!

And with that, it was gone, see you in October the month of my 50th, oh no!!

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