December 2007

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This month has seen me continue with the Zeppelin compilation album project, where I have had a whole load of input from Gary on drums and David on bass.

There is still a whole load of work to do on it but there has also already been a whole load of work done on it.

I have received a ruff mix of a zeppelin classic that I think is going in the right direction. It features yours truly on guitars and vocals, with Digital Drummer (Mike) on drums, Davidinoz (David) on bass and Jaaman (Jay) on piano!

I have also co-written lyrics with Andy Furlong and then sung lead and harmony vocals on another Juhani song entitled Learning How To Fly that Juhani is currently mixing. It sounds slightly like a Tears For Fears song and is as excellent as Juhani material always is!

Linda, my darling wife is on the mend from a severe chest infection, which her mother Marion has now caught, while my mum is back in hospital again, leaving my father pretty much a prisoner to his chair due to his angina currently going through a bad period.

I sincerely hope everyone gets well soon since it is nearly the time of presents and mayhem again!

I have updated the images page to include Jennifer Robert's archive photos here, go check out some Symi history!!

31/12/07 07:15 A.M. - I am writing this now, to catch the time zones that will cross into 2008 earlier than my GMT time zone!!

Firstly, I spoke to Nick last week and he asked me for my permission for him to be allowed to perform some of the songs we have been involved in writing together live. I have no objection whatsoever, although I do feel disappointed that I didn't share the continent that would allow me to be the singer in the live arena!!! Go for it Nick and do them justice, as I know you will my friend. Thanks for being a great writing partner in the first place and here's to many more in the coming year!

Secondly, I have just updated the mix of my cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll to reflect a further bass take by Davidinoz and keys take by Jaaman that are both killer (not to mention Digital Drummer's original excellent drum work). All that is now needed are the great hands and ears of Nick Testa to take it to yet another level!!

Lastly, I am sorry to lapse into slightly less happy (but very real) territory, but finally, how is the year 2007 ending?

Marion (Linda's mother) is on the mend, although extremely frail and weak, although there are signs that she is on the mend. We were extremely surprised when it was confirmed by the GP that Marion was recovering from a bout of pneumonia! We both knew it was bad, but not that bad!!

Linda's chest infection is all but gone, but she twisted her back on Christmas morning! Although my darling's back is still extremely painful, she is managing (albeit somewhat stiffly) with the assistance of really strong pain killers!

My mother was released from hospital, only to again become extremely confused and was taken back into hospital, where she has taken yet another chest infection.

My father is having extremely bad fits of breathlessness, primarily due to his extreme worry over mum's health and Linda are going to go and see him today.

I sincerely hope that all my wonderful nearest and dearest get better soon, along with any of you great people out there who may also be unwell, as we cross the threshold into another (hopefully far healthier) new year!

And that my friends completes my entries for 2007!

I thank you all for a (mostly) wonderful year and hope you keep watching and reading these ramblings throughout 2008!

May you all have peace and prosperity and I hope you receive all you wish for in a.............

HAPPY 2008!!

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