January 2008

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I have been charging on with the Zeppelin compilation album and have been joined in the venture by an additional drummer called Todd Vierra, who's drums sound absolutely awesome. You will hear more of that soon!!

I am just going with all the Zeppelin songs that I like and then they can be whittled back down again when they are completed. It's standing at 17 songs just now, in various states of completion, with another 4 to be worked on. I have got a lot of the guitar parts done but the vocals are having to wait due to yet another cold!!!!!!

I have also just finished updating the archive photos of Symi that Jennifer Roberts, Linda and my great friend, sent us. I have both added new pictures and added comments to the pictures I uploaded earlier and there are some that give you an idea of the development that has gone on, just look out for the upper square at Chorio in 1985/96!!

I did the guitar and vocal work for the Over the Hills and Far Away for the Zeppelin project that is sounding cool!

Speak to you in February, oh that's just two days away!!

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