November 2008

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Sorry I am still being so tardy in updating this site, I am just up to (and beyond) my neck in collaborative work at the moment. It is the 18th today and we're nearly out the other side of Novemberandhellip;andhellip;.it's not good enough and I am really sorry!

I have been predominately working on the Sewer Pipe Boys project with view to another album with my buddies Todd the drummer (Alaska - USA), Marc the bass player (Ontario - Canada), Jay ( Ohio - USA) and Mark the mix/master (Staffordshire - England) with the departure of George the guitarist (Scarborough - England) due to work commitments and family a few days ago. I am struggling to keep up with Marc's writing output as he has got some time on his hands (due to major operation) and is committing it fully to music!! Sadly, there is no web page yet but there soon will be I reckon so that'll be something else to keep an eye on....soon you'll be as busy as me ha-ha!!

Watch this space and I hope it's not exactly the same as this the next time you check it out due to my lack of time!

December beckons and the name Sewer Pipe Boys has changed to Cool Beyond Zero!!!

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