October 2008

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Well it's already the 4th and I am shattered which seems a strange thing to say after a three week holiday in Symi in Greece. But this was no ordinary holiday, oh no, this involved becoming the owner of a little bit of that wonderful island!! The tiredness is also due to the night flight return leg scenario through Rhodes airport and having to leave the island on the last ferry at 17:50 the previous evening....still, enough of my bleating!

I have just updated the Sounds page to include the image from the Rob Wood Project web page that clearly scans better, instead of my previous home made white text on black background creation (the same as the existing Led Zeppelin Project image).

I feel sorry for Nick because all of the projects need to funnel through him and he is involved in (I would imagine) probably in excess of one hundred! Add to that, the fact that he is a perfectionist and also waiting on finished tracks from collaboration members and it isn't to hard to understand the clear scope for major delay. On the positive side, things are moving, with the Aint TV project only requiring final guitar work from Mark. That will allow Nick to commence the finalizing of mix/mastering (not to mention artwork!) .........see what I mean! I really do wish we had that material out there though because I really do believe that it is up there with the best of them!

The Rob Wood project is exactly the same with one track requiring completion (drums) before it is in the same position....I really do feel sorry for you Nick my bud and great friend from the West side of the big pond!

However, in anticipation, I have changed the status on both TV and Rob Wood to imminent so watch this space!!

Oh, and I was another year older yesterday........please tell me when this trip slows down......because it's scary!!

16/10/08 Here's a new offering that I hope you enjoy!

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