September 2008

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Nick is waiting on a guitar track from fellow Chicago buddy Mark to finish one of the Aint TV songs and that just about fully completes the play-list for the album so there should be some real momentum and drive in that area very soon.

Nick has also posted The Rob Wood Project website that he is currently editing and adding to that you can check out. It is not as heavy as the Aint TV material but absolutely wonderful melodies and Rob can certainly make some great melodic guitar tapestries and thanks for the welcome aboard the wonderful project Rob. Your creations spark my lyrical creation in an almost effortless way and it's here to a million more, you know we can!

So it really is a case of WATCH THIS (OR SHOULD IT BE THAT?) SPACE!!

The Sewer Pipe Boys project also moves ahead at full steam too so there is more coming your way there too!

Keep watching and listening my friends, the music never sleeps.

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