August 2009

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August has started well with me doing a vocal and guitar parts for a new Cool Beyond Zero song that Marc has written called Daylight.

I recorded another song for Andy (The bass player on the Into the Light video) called Cornelia that I modified the lyrics for and sang using every trick in the book to emulate the wonderful Percy Plant. It has turned out great.

I also wrote a new song myself that I have since written lyrics for and called it Horizontal Rain. The guitars, vocals and bass are down and it still needs the sound of Thunder provided on the drums by Todd and the added sparkle from Jay's keys!

I did a vocal for a Savatage cover called Power of the Night that is going to be pretty heavy.

I have also spoken to Nick who is pretty focused into getting the AintTV album on to the shelves. It is just sad it is taking so long, but things are definitely moving and that is no bad thing, which I am sure you will agree when you purchase and listen to your copy on release!!

I have been asked to sing another Andy song called The Finest Hour which will be next on the computer, after I finish the harmony vocals and gtr incidentals for Marc's Daylight song..

I also forgot to mention, I have done some incidental guitar work for a Mark Morgon-Shaw (Cosmic Dolphin) song called Gemini Girl.

Stephen, the keys player in Cosmic Singularity has started to work on and post his keys separates so that has also started moving!

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