January 2009

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Happy New Year and all that, hope you had a great time!

Linda, Marion and I all went to stay with our friend Jennifer (who we met on Symi in Greece around 9 years ago) over Hogmanay and the following three days. It was wonderful and took us back to our younger days of first footing into the wee small hours!

I am still running behind with the maintenance and updating of this site however and this is mainly due to my required input to both the Cool Beyond Zero project and the design and maintenance of the CBZ site. It is written in Flash code and I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing when creating links, amongst other things. That is time consuming alone, not to mention the writing of lyrics and songs for the album!

I also did vocals for a further two songs by others on the musicians collaboration site so although you haven't seen anything announced here, this hasn't meant I've been doing nothing!

Who would have guessed that February is almost upon us? It is very topical regarding the reggae song I wrote for CBZ (Cool Beyond Zero) called 36 Hours in the Day that you can read the lyrics for and listen tohere.

I have today (Thursday 29th) written the lyrics to this song The Tail That Wags the Dog to a song by Bill (R4M) on the musicians collaboration site..

I'm on fire, I wrote this song today (31/01/09) called Phoenix Fire about my darling wife, I love you babe. You can read the lyrics and listenhere.

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