Jun 2009

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Late, late, forever late I hear you cry and no wonder!

Sorry again, I have been busy with lots going on.

The Allendale Fair was great and I played far better on the Sunday than the Saturday. The weather was the best of the year so far at that point and also since!

Cool beyond Zero is still working away behind the scenes, with the album progressing.

Aint TV has stalled again due to my great friend Nick preparing the second Musicians Collaboration compilation album (on which I feature on 8 songs!) and having absolutely no time but is almost there. Watch out for the excellent Musicians Collaboration CD 2009 release though!

The Rob Wood Project has completely stalled unfortunately, because there is great material on that.

The Cosmic Singularity album is back on stream and progressing and that is great news because that has some fabulous material about to reach your ears!!

I am moving office at my work and that is not helping the creative flow musically, along with all the other life issues and distractions that have come this way.

I have been involved in a video to promote the excellent song Into the Light that you can see and I hope you enjoy it and go and post favourable comments for it!!!

More later.

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