April 2010

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Spent a week's holiday at our friend Jennifer's down in Allenheads and feel somewhat refreshed, although music is simply not happening creatively again yet.

I am performing in my first heat (the last in the club with a previous five having already taken place) of the 2010 Linlithgow Rose talent contest and so have been preparing for that. The preparation is quite intense as I am intending on using my laptop as the sound source of everything (including guitar sounds) and that is a departure from the safety zone of my analogue equipment rack! My laptop kept on crashing, although I have now completely reformatted it back to it's original spec as supplied by the company Red Submarine.

I will let you know but in the meantime it's back to work.


The gear introduced a few gremlins (mainly my guitar radio transmitter pack providing a selection of unwelcome pops and clicks) but the gig went well, I played a great four song set (Bed Of Roses and Parisienne Walkways in the first half followed by I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Comfortably Numb in the second) and was successful in going through to the second semi-final on 07 May. It was a good gig!!

26th Update - Did some maintenance on the gear and found that the pops and clicks were coming from a defective cable in the guitar lead to the transmitter pack that I seem to have now hopefully sorted!

I am working on the recording of the above four songs for demo purposes and also transferring all my old live set songs over to the laptop live format (because I fully intend in going back out on to the solo circuit if anyone will have me!) so watch this space!

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