September 2010

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Weeks and months (nay years!) still speeding by!

Had an email from the French prog rock magazine (04 September) asking to confirm the line-up on the Cosmic Singularity album First Steps, as they are in the process of reviewing it! We are all hoping for a favourable review but we'll of course just have to wait and see.

Still a distinct lack of people registering at the Cosmic Singularity forums....come on guys, get yourselves over there and help us feel like we're popular!!

I did vocal for an amazing song called Coming Home after being asked to sing it by the writer Holger Bremer from Germany. I think it is awesome and when I was asked to do it in the style of Robert Plant made me smile even more. Have a listen here and let me know if I did it justice, I think I did but then I'm extremely biased!!

News just in! have reviewed our First Steps Cosmic Singularity album and given it 7 out of 10. You can read it (if you can read French!) here.

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