July 2012

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The Black Bitch gig was a belter and went down especially well with the party of bikers that made an appearance! Highway to Hell was a wall of additional vocalists as everybody in the room sang along and The Roke Of The Row (Rocking The Row) was met by everyone dancing like mad things!! Here's to the next one!

I have just secured a gig in The Scotia Bar in Glasgow on the 12 august and therefore just invested in a new 2 Kilowatt Electro voice PA (2 x ELX115P) that I need to get familiar with before the gig!!

I am still porting over my old live set midi files into Cubase and re-mixing to take into account the change of sound module sources. BFD for the old Yamaha TMX drum module and and other plug-ins in place of the old hardware Roland sounds etc.

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