June 2012

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I recorded a rock version of the traditional song The Roke and the Row (which is the song associated with Linlithgow and especially The Marches that are held every year) again using the wonderful bagpipe playing of Anne Kilgallon that you can hear here. I also used it to honour Marion in a video that you can see here.

I also recorded a piece of music for Gabrielle Gaze, a woman who died in a horrific accident on the island of Symi in February this year that I called Gabrielle's Perpetual Gaze that you can hear here and watch the video I put together here.

I have also just completed a vocal for a song on Musician's Collaboration entitled Big Nights, Bright Lights that you can hear here.

I have also just today completed a vocal for another song for SnowdogUK on the Musician's Collaboration site entitled Nothing To Lose that you can also hear here.

I am also playing in The Black Bitch pub in Linlithgow on the evening of Saturday 07 July so maybe see you there!!

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