February 2007

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I am still awaiting Pete's sax input on Uncertain Dawn on Nick's site that I am hoping isn't too far away!

I wrote lyrics and sung a rough vocal on a new AintTV song entitled It Doesn't Matter with lyrics here.

Started working on a new section for the Cosmic Singularity track Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards that Roddi has come up with. It is very fast 7/8 timing and I need to get my speed back up on the guitar.....that's what comes of singing most of the time and letting my guitar practice lapse. I'll get there but not until I have done a lot of hard work.

I have just written lyrics for a Rob Wood song that I have called The Road to Knowhere that you can read and listen tohere as well as a lone chorus (at the moment) for another Rob song that I have called Prime Time that you can read and listen tohere.

I have also commenced the following lyrical idea for another of Rod's songs -

Thrill Of The Chase (McAndrew)

ready, steady here i come ready or not you try your best to stay free and not get caught you're on a hiding to none i'm on your trail and i'm having such fun i am tracking, trailing your every move i got it all in my mind now left to prove you make the most of your time running free you sure are no match for me

home leg i start to close you down as you skirt around the border town you can't escape me I'm much too close breach the border and you surely lose

Chorus 1 i'm seeking, you're hiding our future's colliding no mistaking, no faking hear i come now at increasing pace my pulse it is rising it's hardly surprising i'm so near now, it's so clear now closing you down in the THRILL OF THE CHASE

as i launch into the wild blue yonder under surveillance you wander

i have you in vision prepare for collision your weaving, to and fro-ing head for the home run and touching base so gust give in and be caught now 'cause your freedom can't be bought now i'm closing what your proposing closing you down in the THRILL OF THE CHASE

nearly there now, almost touch you will not give in, need to see through with this mission to conclusion head for the home run and touching base in the blinking of an eye now you are slowing, i start to fly now then i catch you, i'm on a high now perfect ending to the THRILL OF THE CHASE


13/02/07 - There has been a personnel change in Cosmic Singularity with the replacement of the John as drummer by a prog rock drummer, as found and suggested by Rod. Stephen and I primarily felt that John was not correct for the feel and technique required around the difficult timings associated with prig rock and we were on the point of going in search of someone suitable, when Roddi suggested another drummer absolutely correct for the style. We are thrilled in anticipation of how this will open further doors and will make an announcement shortly!

We all wish you every success in whatever you do musically John and there are no hard feelings bro!

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